Suction Types - Common Surgical Instruments
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Suction Types - Common Surgical Instruments

Suction tips, combined with a suction source, help to remove debris and fluid from the surgical field. It can also be used to clear surgical smoke.

 • Yankauer Suction Tube: Used primarily for surface suction and some intra-abdominal suction.

 • Poole Suction Tube: Used to remove large amounts of fluid from the surgical field, as well as intra-abdominal suction.

 • Frazier Suction Tip: Used primarily in ENT and neurosurgery. Usually angled.

 • Malleable Retractor: Can be bent and customized. Also used to protect intestines during abdominal closure.

 • Rake Retractor: Hand-held retractor with sharp teeth used to hold back surface structures

- Dr. Michael Visenio @BigMike_MD

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