Stapler Types - Common Surgical Instruments
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Stapler Types - Common Surgical Instruments

Used for reanastomosis of viscera, vessel ligation, and excision of specimens. Can be one-time use, reloadable, manual, or electronically powered. Staples come in multiple sizes.

 • Linear Stapler: Creates a linear staple line; no cutting function. Used in ligation and anastomosis. May be curved.

 • Linear Cutter: Creates a linear cut and immediately staples both free edges. Used in separation and anastomosis.

 • Circular Cutter: Performs circular cut and staple. Used in reanastomosis of hollow viscera, e.g., large bowel.

 • Clips: Used in the ligation of vessels, may be metal or absorbable material. Open and lap applicators.

- Dr. Michael Visenio @BigMike_MD

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