Paracentesis Supplies Checklist
 • Sterile gloves

Paracentesis Supplies Checklist

 • Sterile gloves

 • cap

 • face shield

 • chlorhex

 • sterile towels

 • ultrasound

 • 1% lidocaine (10cc syringe, SQ 25G needle, 1.5 inch 20-22G needle)

 • two 18G needles

 • 60cc syringe

 • diagnostic assay tubes as below

 • gauze

 • bandage or Tegaderm dressing


 • 20G two-way (pink box) angiocath or 18–22G 1.5-inch needle

 • Purple and green top tube, black top tube (for micro). 


 • Safe-T-Centesis kit (preferred, pigtail minimizes perforation risk) or paracentesis kit (straight rigid needle) from procedure cart

 • 1L vacuum bottles

 • 25% albumin dosed 6-8g per liter of fluid removed if >5L

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