Most Common Approach: Subxiphoid
Equipment: ...


Most Common Approach: Subxiphoid

Equipment: could be as simple as large bore LP needle with syringe OR a complete pericardiocentesis kit

Insertion: between Xiphistemum and left costal margin

Trajectory: 30-45 degrees to the skin aimed towards left shoulder

- ideally performed under US guidance


- bend needle concave upwards and insert until you hit the rib, then withdraw needle and apply downward pressure, keeping needle parallel with patient to sneak needle underneath rib and into pericardium (similar to subclavian CVC approach)

- connect needle to IV tubing and 3-way stopcock to allow "push-pull" technique for easier drainage of large effusions

- MH/CCF/CWRU EM Res @MetroHealth_EM

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