Who to test for BRCA 1/2?
Female Breast Cancer:

Who to test for BRCA 1/2?

Female Breast Cancer:

 • ≤ 45-50 years at diagnosis

 • Triple Negative, age ≤ 60 years

 • Any age and Ashkenazi Jewish

 • 2 primary breast cancers, first at age 60 years old

 • Breast cancer + relative with breast cancer at age 50 years old, other cancers in this table

Other Cancers:

 • Male Breast cancer

 • Invasive ovarian, fallopian tube, primary peritoneal cancer

 • Exocrine pancreatic cancer

 • Metastatic prostate cancer

 • High Grade Gleason (>7) prostate cancer and: Ashkenazi Jewish or other risk factors in this table


 • 1st or 2nd degree relative meeting criteria for testing

 • Biological relative with BRCA 1/2

 • Probability BRCA 1/2 >5% (as per risk assessment)

 • Ashkenazi Jewish adults

- BWH Medicine Chiefs @BrighamChiefs

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