Adult-Onset Still's Disease
Clinical triad: Fever, ...

Adult-Onset Still's Disease

Clinical triad: Fever, Arthralgia/arthritis, Skin rash ± odynophagia

+ Biological inflammation: Increased neutrophils, Hyperferritinemia, decreased glycosylated fraction < 20%

Differential Diaqnoses:

 • Infectious: Mycoplasma, yersinia, borrelia, Rubeola, HBV, Coxsackie, CMV, EBV, HIV, HTLVI, Hantavirus

 • Malignant hemopathies, solid cancers

 • Systemic diseases : other autoinflammatory diseases (mevalonate kinase deficiency, Schnitzler)

Complications: MAS, Visceral, DIC, TMA

 • Cardiac: pericarditis, rhythm abnormalities, conduction abnormalities

 • Muscular: normal CK, normal biopsy

 • Lymphadenopathies, splenomegaly

 • Hepatic: hepatomegaly, hepatitis

 • Pulmonary: pleural effusion, infiltrates

 • Neurological: meningoencephalitis, .

 • Ocular: uveitis, episcleritis

By Dr. Prunelle Getten

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