Antinuclear antibodies and Systemic lupus
Anti-dsDNA	60-80%	Association ...

Antinuclear antibodies and Systemic lupus

Anti-dsDNA	60-80%	Association with disease activity (when with Farr assay) and lupus nephritis. Can also be measured using ELISA-based or IF on Crithidia Luciliae

Anti-nucleosome	60-70%	Highly specific for SLE. Often searched for when ANA+ without anti-dsDNA

Anti-histone	60-70%	Association with both SLE (60-70%) & drug-induced lupus (90%)

Anti-SSA	30-40%	Target: SS-A/Ro (60kD). Associated with SCLE, neonatal lupus and Sjogren

Anti-SSB	5-10%	Associated with Sjogren and neonatal lupus

Anti-(U1)RNP	15-30%	Associated with MCTD and Raynaud's phenomenon

Anti-Sm	10-30%	Highly specific. Higher prevalence in non-white (30%-40%) than white (5-10%)

Anti-Ribo-P	5-15%	If SLE is clinically suspected, tests to ribosomal P phosphoproteins (P0, P1, P2, C22 RibP peptide) are recommended*. Controversial association with NPSLE.

Anti-Ku	5-10%	Associated with SLE-SSc-AlM overlap syndromes

Anti-PCNA	1-5%	Considered higly specific for SLE (debated)

Anti-DFS70	0-3%	Rarely confirmed in patients with typical SLE. Negative association with auto-immune diseases only if Ag target is LEDGF/p75 and there is no common ENA*

Dr. Laurent ARNAUD @Lupusreference

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