Hepatorenal Syndrome Diagnosis
 • ↑ in serum Cr of ...

Hepatorenal Syndrome Diagnosis

 • ↑ in serum Cr of ≥ 0.3mg/dL above baseline

    - Type 1 HRS —Two fold rise to >2.5mg/dL within 2 weeks

    - Type 2 HRS — Rise is either less severe and/or more gradual

 • Severe liver disease (e.g. advanced cirrhosis, severe alcoholic hepatitis)

• Moderate to severe ascites

• Volume non-responsive (i.e. giving IV fluids does not significantly improve renal function)

Usually Present:

 • Unremarkable UA (including no proteinuria)

 • ↓ urine output and/or ↓ diuretic responsiveness (the latter is a hallmark specifically characteristic of type 2 HRS)

 • Low urine Na+ (<10 mEq/L, FENa < 1%)

- Dr. Eric Strong @DrEricStrong - Strong Medicine https://www.youtube.com/c/EricsMedicalLectures/

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