Algorithm for management of Multiple Trauma in Mountain ...

Algorithm for management of Multiple Trauma in Mountain Environment
Complete primary survey
 - Haemorrhage control (regional and systemic, e.g. pelvic binder, compression, haemostatic agents, antifibrinolytics-TXA, desmopressin)
 - A - Airway management, intubation/supraglottic devices
 - B - Ventilatory support, decompression of pneumothorax
 - C - Circulatory support: fluids, vasopressors (norepinephrine), transfusion
 - D - Central nervous system (GCS, AVPU) and extremities
 - E - Exposure only if safe, protection from environment
Secondary survey
 - Physical examination head to toe, front and back
 - Consider history, injury mechanism (e.g. long fall, high impact injury)
Complete patient management
 - Analgesia, splinting and immobilisation (vacuum mattress), SMR
 - Consider POCUS
 - Prevent hypothermia (e.g. insulation, heat packs)
 - Minimise prehospital time

doi: 10.1186/s13049-020-00790-1

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