Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome - Treatment
Acute Treatment:

Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome - Treatment
Acute Treatment:
 • Abortive Therapy: Sumatriptan (5-HT / serotonin agonist), Aprepitant (neurokinin 1 antagonist), Benzodiazepines
 • Supportive Care: IV hydration & electrolyte repletion, Minimal stimulation, Antiemetics (e.g. ondansetron), Pain control (e.g. IV ketorolac)
Chronic Treatment:
 • Non-Pharmacologic Therapy: Avoiding triggers (e.g. fasting, cannabis), Good sleep hygiene, Consider psychology and/or psychiatry referral
 • Prophylactic Therapy: Tricyclic antidepressants (e.g. amitriptyline), Anticonvulsants (e.g. topiramate, levetiracetam)

- Dr. Eric Strong @DrEricStrong - Strong Medicine

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