Medial Meniscus Bucket Handle Tear - MSK Radiology
Imaging ...

Medial Meniscus Bucket Handle Tear - MSK Radiology
Imaging Findings:
 • Truncation of the medial meniscus on the coronal sequence.
 • Mesial displacement of the meniscal fragment into the intercondylar notch. The "double PCL sign" is seen on the Sagittal with the displaced meniscal fragment parallel to the PCL.
 • The displaced fragment is also seen on the axial with visualization of the anterior and posterior attachment points.
Case description:
 • Bucket Handle Tear is an extensive vertical longitudinal meniscus tear with mesial displacement of the free edge fragment toward (or into) the intercondylar notch.
 • Usually maintains anterior/posterior attachments.
 • Displaced fragment usually DOES NOT spontaneously reduce.
 • Repair if tear in peripheral red zone of the vascular meniscal tissue (3-5 mm from periphery).
Differential diagnosis:
 • Displaced flap tear of meniscus: not attached to anterior/posterior meniscus.
 • Intra-articular body: Chondral/osteochondral fragment may migrate to intercondylar notch.
 • Meniscofemoral ligament: extends from posterior horn lateral meniscus to intercondylar notch.

Dr. Donald von Borstel @DrvonBorstel

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