Medicare Cheat Sheet: Original Medicare & Medicare ...

Medicare Cheat Sheet: Original Medicare & Medicare Advantage
Part A:
 • INPATIENT Hospital (NOT ER or Observation)
 • SNF/Rehab/lnPt-NH 
 • Home Health (NOT "Home Care")
 • Hospice
 • Mnemonic: All "H"s - Hospital, Nursing Home/ReHab, Home Health, Hospice
Part B:
 • Professional Services (MD, DO, NP, PA, SW, OutPt PT) - InPt and OutPt
 • ER & Obs 
 • 911 (when med necessary)
 • Labs (OutPt)
 • Radiology (OutPt) (x-rays, CTS, MRIs, US...) 
 • DME (NOT supplies)
 • Outpatient rehab
Part D:
 • Outpatient medications
Part C:
 • AKA "Medicare Advantage" or "MA plan" or "ABD Plan"
 • Combination of Parts A, B, D, but administered via a private insurance company instead of Medicare

Created by Dr. Alex Mohseni and Dr. Amy Schiffman - MasteringMedicare.NET

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