Thyrotoxic Periodic Paralysis - Illness Script
 • Epidemiology: ...

Thyrotoxic Periodic Paralysis - Illness Script
 • Epidemiology: Asian men age 20-30 with hyperthyroidism of any etiology
 • Trigger: Heavy exercise, fasting, high-carb meals, stress, cold exposure, infection, alcohol, pulse corticosteroid therapy, albuterol, and menses
 • Pathophysiology: Channelopathy due to hypersensitization of the Na-K pump by excess thyroid hormone
 • Symptoms/signs: Episodes of sudden onset painless muscle weakness that are infrequent, hours-days duration +/- symptoms of thyrotoxicosis
 • Labs/lmaging: Hypokalemia +/- low TSH with high fT4 or high T3
 • Treatment: Potassium and magnesium repletion, Avoid triggers, Treat hyperthyroidism, Potassium supplements and propranolol for prevention of future episodes

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