Wheezing - Differential Diagnosis Framework - Not all ...

Wheezing - Differential Diagnosis Framework - Not all that wheezes is asthma
Vibrations of turbulent flow against narrowed airway walls leading to high-pitched, musical sound, usually heard in expiration
 - May be associated with inspiratory sound
 - Epiglottitis, Laryngeal stenosis or laryngocele, Laryngeal edema- Anaphylaxis, Paradoxical vocal cord motion, Vocal cord edema or paralysis, GERD
 - Intrinsic Compression: Tracheomalacia, tracheal stenosis, tracheal tumor, Mucus plug, tracheitis, Relapsing polychondritis
 - Extrinsic Compression: Mediastinal mass or LAD, Vascular ring
Primary bronchi:
 - Asthma/COPD, Viral infections, Bronchiectasis (CF-related, PCD, Mycobacterial), Bronchomalacia, bronchial stenosis, bronchitis, Mucus plug, Carcinoid syndrome, Parasitic Disease, Edema- heart failure exacerbation, Foreign body
Tertiary Bronchi:
 - Bronchiolitis obliterans, Bronchiolitis- RSV, Alveolitis- HSP

Dr. Ann Marie Kumfer @AnnKumfer

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