Plasmodium - Identification Algorithm
 • P. falciparum: ...

Plasmodium - Identification Algorithm
 • P. falciparum: RINGS AND GAMETOCYTES PREDOMINATE, Small delicate rings, <1/3 size RBC, Headphones forms, Applique forms, Multiple rings/RBC, High parasitemia, Banana-shaped gametocytes
 • P. malariae: ALL STAGES PRESENT, Thick rings, ≤ 1/3 size RBC, Basket, band forms, Rosette schizonts
 • P. vivax: ALL STAGES PRESENT, Ameboid trophs, >1/3 size RBC, Schizont with >12 merozoites
 • P. ovale: ALL STAGES PRESENT, Trophs more compact, > 1/3 size RBC, 1/3 oval shape, fimbriated edges

Bobbi Pritt, MD @ParasiteGal

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