Diarrhea with Normal Colonoscopy
 • Colonic: Bile acid ...

Diarrhea with Normal Colonoscopy
 • Colonic: Bile acid malabsorption, Microscopic colitis, Overflow diarrhoea, Missed pathology
 • Small Bowel: Enteritis (e.g. Crohn's), Enteropathy (e.g. coeliac), Short bowel syndrome, Ischaemia / Vasculitis
 • Endocrine: Diabetes, Hyperthyroidism, Addison's, Hypoparathyroidism
 • Pancreatic: Pancreatic insufficiency, Pancreatic carcinoma, Cystic fibrosis
 • Infection: SIBO, Giardiasis, Campylobacter, C. diff, Viral (HIV, COVID-19)
 • Others: IBS-D, Drugs, Diet, Alcohol, Lymphoma, Surgery, MCAS, • NET, Autonomic neuropathy

Dr. Keith Siau @drkeithsiau

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