Diagram of different types of bone tumors that can ...

Diagram of different types of bone tumors that can occur around the knee on XRay
Age < 30 years:
 • Fibrous Dysplasia
 • Osteochondroma: pedunculated, sessile, cauliflower
 • Enostosis/bone island
 • Osteomyelitis or other aggressive lesion
 • Simple/unicameral bone cyst
 • Aneurysmal bone cyst
 • Osteoid osteoma
 • Ewing sarcoma
 • Enchondroma
 • Chondroblastoma
 • Osteosarcoma
 • Non-ossifying fibroma
Age > 30 years:
 • Multiple Myeloma - punched out lesions. endostea/ scalloping
 • Healed NOF
 • Giant cell tumor
 • Chronic osteomyelitis - with sequestrum, cloaca, and involucrum
 • Paget disease - blastic or mixed lytic-blastic phase
 • Paget disease - lytic phase with flame/blade of grass sign
 • Parosteal Osteosarcoma
 • Aggressive lesion - lytic metastasis or osteomyelitis
 • Lymphoma or blastic metastatic lesion
 • Geode (AKA degenerative subchondral cyst, intraosseous ganglion)
 • Enostosis/bone island
 • Stress fracture
 • Chondrosarcoma
 • Stress fracture or intracortical Brodie abscess

Dr. Matt Skalski @docskalski

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