Adie's Pupil
What? Unknown nature & benign
 • Regular ...

Adie's Pupil
What? Unknown nature & benign
 • Regular and mildly dilated pupil (4-6mm);
 • Light-near dissociaton;
 • Usually unilateral;
 • Slow pupillary dilation in response to dark;
 • Slow redilation when reexposed to light;
 • Normal response to mydriatics.
Holmes-Adie Syndrome:
 • Adie's Pupil + Hyporeflexia
 • Young females
Differential Diagnosis:
 • CN Ill Palsy
    - abnormal extraocular movements
    - no light-near dissociation
 • Other causes of tonic pupil (trauma/orbital tumor)
 • Physiologic Anisocoria
    - same pupillary asymmetry in dark and light

By Dr. Gabriela Figueiredo Pucci @gabifpucci @neudrawlogy

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