While certain drugs are used to control seizures, others ...

While certain drugs are used to control seizures, others can induce seizures in patients without a preexisting seizure disorder. Many substances can lower the seizure threshold (an individual’s unique balance between inhibition and excitation signals in the brain). The lower the threshold, the more likely a person is to experience a seizure. The risk of drug-induced seizure increases when multiple agents with potential risk are administered concomitantly. This is especially important when considering the impact of alcohol consumed along with a drug that lowers the seizure threshold. The withdrawal of drugs such as benzodiazepines also may provoke seizures. The risk of seizure varies among agents, but it can be reduced through proactive dosage reductions of the target drug and/or preventive dosing of antiepileptic agents when risky drug-regimen changes and/or combinations are indicated or otherwise unavoidable.

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