Summary of meta-analysis of pharmacotherapy trials ...

Summary of meta-analysis of pharmacotherapy trials in BPD
Meta-analyses of RCTs were undertaken for the following outcomes: BPD symptoms, mental state

outcomes (general psychopathology, anger, hostility, irritability, depression, anxiety and suicidal

ideation), self-harm and suicide, psychosocial functioning (general functioning, interpersonal and

social functioning), and hospitalisation.   The meta-analyses included placebo-controlled 

Managing BPD

Clinical Practice Guideline for the Management of Borderline Personality Disorder 67

National Health and Medical Research Council

pharmacotherapy trials and psychological intervention trials that compared the study treatment with

‘treatment as usual’. It considered for inclusion all trials identified in the UK national BPD clinical

practice guideline1

 and the updated systematic review. Findings are summarised in Tables 5.2 and

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