Blood Culture Collection Algorithm - Adult Patients ...

Blood Culture Collection Algorithm - Adult Patients with Suspected Systemic Infection 

Pawlowicz et al evidenced based algorithm to guide the decision to obtain blood cultures based on the Shapiro Rules.

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General Guidelines for drawing blood cultures:
 - Patients who meet SIRS criteria and have unstable vital signs warrant blood cultures.
 - Patients with suspected bacterial infections, whose clinical status appears sufficiently tenuous as to warrant an elevated level of care such as the intensive care unit or a stepdown unit warrant blood cultures, regardless of source.
 - Patients with rigors and a suspected source of bacterial infection (ex. urinary tract infection, endocarditis, or pneumonia) warrant blood cultures.
 - When EPs are concerned for an infection of indwelling catheters or lines, blood cultures should be obtained.
 - Febrile neutropenic or immunocompromised patients warrant blood cultures.
 - When feasible, blood cultures should be obtained prior to antibiotic administration.

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