Supportive & Palliative Care Indicators Tool (SPICT)

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Supportive & Palliative Care Indicators Tool (SPICT)

The SPICT is used to help identify people whose health is deteriorating. Assess them for unmet supportive and palliative care needs. Plan care. Look for any general indicators of poor or deteriorating health. 
 - Unplanned hospital admission(s).
 - Performance status is poor or deteriorating, with limited reversibility. (eg. The person stays in bed or in a chair for more than half the day.)
 - Depends on others for care due to increasing physical and/or mental health problems.  The person’s carer needs more help and support.
 - The	person	has	had	significant	weight	loss	over	the	last	few	months,	or	remains	underweight. 
 - Persistent symptoms despite optimal treatment of underlying condition(s).
 - The person (or family) asks for palliative care; chooses to reduce, stop or not have treatment;  or wishes to focus on quality of life.

Look for clinical indicators of one or multiple life-limiting conditions. 

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Giselle Falconi, MD
Giselle is passionate about health care disparities, interprofessional education and culturally competent care. She is originally from Peru and is interested in pursuing a fellowship in Geriatric Medicine after residency.
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