All About Horner's Syndrome

Horner's syndrome, known ...

All About Horner's Syndrome

Horner's syndrome, known as 

"oculosympathetic paresis" by people 

who don't have friends, is caused by an 

injury to the sympathetic nervous 

system, widely considered the most 

compassionate part of the nervous 


Sympathetic denervation classically 

results in ptosis (droop eyelid), miosis 

(constricted pupil), an 

anhidrosis (loss 

of perspiration). 

Horner's svndrome was described in 

1855 by Ed Horner, a strange 

Neurologist who spent a decade 

studying a commune of people 

ostracized by English society because 

they didn't sweat on half of their face 

(disparagingly referred to as "The Half 


Through his tireless efforts, he was 

eventually accepted into Half Sweat 

society and discovered a syndrome 

that would forever make med 

 - Dr. Glaucomflecken


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