Flowchart to diuretic use in acute heart failure.

(A) ...

Flowchart to diuretic use in acute heart failure.

(A) Congestion with volume overload. 

(B) Treatment algorithm after 24 h. 

Total loop diuretic dose can be administered either as continuous infusion or bolus infusion. BP, blood pressure; HF, heart failure; IV, intravenous; SGLT2‐I, sodium–glucose linked transporter 2 inhibitor; UF, ultrafiltration; UO, urine output. &Higher dose should be considered in patients with reduced glomerular filtration rate. *Consider other reasons for dyspnoea given the quick resolution of congestion. °The maximal dose for IV loop diuretics is generally considered furosemide 400–600 mg or 10–15 mg bumetanide. #In patients with good diuresis following a single loop diuretic administration, once a day dosing can be considered.

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