Algorithm for nodular pattern
The algorithm to distinguish ...

Algorithm for nodular pattern
The algorithm to distinguish perilymphatic, random and centrilobular nodules is the following:
- Look for the presence of pleural nodules. These are often easiest to see along the fissures.
- If pleural nodules are absent or few in number, the distribution is likely centrilobular.
- If pleural nodules are visible, the pattern is either random (miliary) or perilymphatic.
- If there are pleural nodules and also nodules along the central bronchovascular interstitium and along interlobular septa, you are dealing with a periplymphatic distribution.
- If the nodules are diffuse and uniformly distributed, it is likely a random distribution. #Diagnosis #Radiology #Pulmonary #HRCT #CTChest #NodularPattern #Nodular #Pattern #MultipleNodules #Nodules #Differential #Algorithm #RadiologyAssistant
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