Adult Onset Still's Disease - Yamaguchi Criteria
Major ...

Adult Onset Still's Disease - Yamaguchi Criteria

Major criteria:

 - Fever >= 39C lasting >= 1 weeks 

 - Arthralgia lasting >= 2 weeks 

 - Typical skin rash: maculopapular, non-pruritic, salmon-pink rash with concomitant fever spikes

 - Leukocytosis >= 10,000 cells/mm3 with neutrophil polymorphonuclear count >= 80% 

Minor criteria:

 - Pharyngitis or sore throat 

 - Lymphadenopathy and/or splenomegaly

 - Abnormalities in liver enzyme levels 

 - Negative for rheumatoid factor or antinuclear antibodies 

Exclusion criteria:

 - Infection, especially sepsis and Epstein-Barr viral infection 

 - Malignant diseases especially lymphomas 

 - Inflammatory disease, especially polyarteritis nodosa 

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