Mallet Finger
Absence of a fracture does NOT exclude ...

Mallet Finger

Absence of a fracture does NOT exclude Mallet finger, the extension function of the DIP joint needs to be clinically assessed. Here's a quick summary.

• Finger deformity caused by disruption (may be bony or tendinous) of the terminal extensor tendon distal to the DIP joint 

• Mechanism: Hyperflexion injury with axial load (ball striking fingertip) 

• Exam: Swollen and tender DIP joint that is fixed in flexion due to inability to extend 

• Possible associated injuries: Avulsion fracture 

• ED Management: Pain control, immobilize 

• Splint: Extension splint of DIP joint, maintain free movement of PIP joint 

• Ortho consult: No 

• Disposition: Discharge with orthpedic follow-up within 1 week 

MH/CCF/CWRU EM Res @MetroHealth_EM

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