FIASP - Insulin Aspart vs Novolog

Have you heard ...

FIASP - Insulin Aspart vs Novolog

Have you heard about Fiasp, a new version of insulin aspart that is the fastest-acting insulin currently on the market? Fiasp is insulin aspart like Novolog, but it is formulated with Vitamin B3 & L-Arginine, which makes it absorb very quickly. Why does this matter? The fast onset more closely matches the endogenous insulin kinetics, and can be very helpful with administration. Normal rapid-acting insulins are supposed to be injected 5-15 minutes PRIOR to eating, which can be difficult and many patients end up injecting immediately before eating or after they already started eating. Though it still works, it's not ideal for glycemic control and can also cause hypoglycemia if not timed correctly. Fiasp is built to absorb very quickly, which is why it can be taken immediately prior to eating, or within 20 minutes after starting a meal. A study has shown Fiasp to have a greater A1c reduction compared to Novolog as well due to these kinetics.

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