Insulin Dosing Basics - Initiating Insulin for T2DM ...

Insulin Dosing Basics - Initiating Insulin for T2DM and Converting Insulin Products 

Insulin dosing can be complex and is super patient-specific, but here are the very basics! For type 2 diabetes, we initiate basal insulin at 10 units/day usually, or weight-based. Before initiating bolus insulin for type 2 diabetes, be sure to think about whether a GLP1 could provide enough control or if bolus insulin is truly needed. When titrating insulin doses if patients experience unexplained hypoglycemia, decrease the dose by 10-20%. Lastly, when converting from short to rapid insulin or from NPH to basal insulin, decrease the dose by 20% to account for lack of cross tolerance. This is important because we are seeing a movement away from using short and NPH insulin since rapid and basal insulins more closely mimic physiologic insulin, so you're bound to run into patient cases where converting is needed.

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