Asthma GINA Guidelines 2019 
If Asthma is uncontrolled, ...

Asthma GINA Guidelines 2019 

If Asthma is uncontrolled, first assess for adherence and inhaler technique -Then, increase stepwise therapy:

My last post talked about how to tell if your patients asthma is uncontrolled, now this one will talk about what to do if it is! First step is to assess patients adherence to maintenance inhalers (if any) and appropriate inhaler technique. Many times, appropriate teaching can help improve patients breathing. If it is still uncontrolled, you can increase patients inhaler regimen accordingly with these 5 steps. Start with just a rescue inhaler, then a low dose ICS, then step up to ICS/LABA combos and increase the strength of the ICS. Lastly we can use tiotropium or biologics if needed. One big thing to note here with 2019 guidelines is that they are now recommending low dose ICS+formoterol (i.e. Symbicort) as a rescue inhaler for Step 1 instead of a traditional albuterol!

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