Peripheral Signs of Aortic Regurgitation

Corrigan ...

Peripheral Signs of Aortic Regurgitation

Corrigan sign	Prominent carotid and supraclavicular pulsations

Alfred de Musset sign	Head nodding with heart beat

Landolfi sign	Change in pupil size with heart beat

Muller sign	Uvula pulsation

Becker sign	Retinal artery pulsations

Rosenbach sign	Liver pulsations

Gerhardt sign	Spleen pulsations

Quincke sign	Digital capillary pulsations

Lighthouse sign	Blanching and flushing of the forehead

Traube sign	Pistol shot—systolic and diastolic booming sound over femoral artery

Duroziez sign	Intermittent to and fro femoral artery systolic and diastolic murmur generated by light compression with the bell of a stethoscope

Hill sign	Lower limb systolic BP exceeding upper limb systolic BP by more than 20 mm Hg

Water-Hammer pulse	High volume abruptly collapsing pulse

Mayne sign	Diastolic BP drop of >15 mm Hg with arm raised

Lincoln sign	Pulsatile popliteal

Sherman sign	Dorsalispedis pulse unexpectedly prominent in age >75 years

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