Pudendal Neuralgia
• Pudendal nerve arises from S2-S4 ...

Pudendal Neuralgia

• Pudendal nerve arises from S2-S4 roots and innervates perineal structures

• Nerve is prone to entrapment at 2 sites:

  1) Ischial spine by compression of sacrospinous & sacrotuberous ligaments (green arrow)

  2) Pudendal (Alcock) canal (yellow arrow)

• Pudendal neuralgia usually occurs in women w/ prior pelvic surgery but can occur in men & women cyclists

• CT-guidance is a terrific method to provide a nerve block

• A positive pudendal nerve block can help diagnose pudendal neuralgia & provide therapeutic benefit

• Important to diagnose correctly, as many patients see multiple providers before arriving at correct diagnosis

Dr. Mark Mamlouk @ https://twitter.com/MarkMamloukMD

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