Acute Iron Poisoning

There are five classically ...

 Acute Iron Poisoning

There are five classically described phases of toxicity:

Gastrointestinal phase (~6 hours post-ingestion)

 - Secondary to caustic mucosal injury

 - Abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting

Latent phase (6-24 hours post-ingestion)

 - Symptom resolution due to iron redistribution

 - Often absent in severe toxicity however presence does not preclude deterioration

Shock and metabolic acidosis (12-48 hours post-ingestion)

 - Anion gap metabolic acidosis with both distributive and cardiogenic shock

 - Progressive multi-organ failure (ARDS, coagulopathy, renal failure)

Hepatotoxicity (24-96 hours post-ingestion)

 - Massive hepatic iron deposition leads to acute hepatic necrosis

Bowel Obstruction (2-8 weeks post-ingestion)

 - Secondary to caustic bowel injury and subsequent luminal scarring and stenosis

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