Reproductive Number (R0 "R Naught") showing how contagious ...

Reproductive Number (R0 "R Naught") showing how contagious / transmissible a pathogen is.  The R0 for Wuhan nCoV2019 novel coronavirus: 1.4 - 3.3. Here are the figures for other diseases (SARS, MERS, Ebola) and their case-fatality rates to put things in perspective:

Diphtheria	R0 6-7	Fatality 5-10 %

Ebola	R0 1.5-2.5	Fatality 25-90 %

Seasonal flu	R0 1-2	Fatality <0.1 %

Measles	R0 12-18	Fatality 0.1-0.2 %

Mumps	R0 4-7	Fatality 0.01 %

Pertussis (whooping cough)	R0 12-17	Fatality 4%

Polio	R0 5-7	Fatality 5-10% (paralytic polio)

Rubella	R0 5-7	Fatality 3-6% (developing countries)

SARS coronavirus	R0 3	Fatality 11%

MERS coronavirus	R0 <1	Fatality 30-40 %

2019 novel coronavirus	R0 1.4-3.3**	Fatality 2-3% **

'Ro value does not take into account case-fatality rate. "This estimate is preliminary and likely to change in the course of the outbreak

Dr. Melvin Sanicas @Vaccinologist

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