Overview of Ventilator Modes
VC - Volume Control (a.k.a. ...

Overview of Ventilator Modes

VC - Volume Control (a.k.a. assist control volume)

 - Every breath delivered (mandatory and patient triggered) is the same set volume (TV)

PC - Pressure Control (a.k.a. assist control pressure)

 - Every breath delivered (mandatory & patient triggered ) is a set pressure (IP) for a set time

PRVC - Pressure Regulated Volume Control (a.k.a. VC., APV, Auto flow)

 - Hybrid PC mode that dynamically changes inspiratory pressure to deliver a desired volume

SIMV - Synchronous Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation

 - Delivers mandatory breaths with a fixed volume but patient can't trigger (patient breaths are not the same as mandatory breaths); can use PS

PS - Pressure Support

 - All breaths are patient initiated; ventilation determined solely by patient (no backup rate).

APRV - Airway Pressure Release Ventilation (a.k.a. BI-Vent)

 - Inverse ratio ventilation (e.g. I time > E time) that allows patient to breath spontaneously; can combine w/ PS

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