Stage III - Alveolar edema
This stage is characterized ...

Stage III - Alveolar edema
This stage is characterized by continued fluid leakage into the interstitium, which cannot be compensated by lymphatic drainage. 
This eventually leads to fluid leakage in the alveoli (alveolar edema) and to leakage into the pleural space (pleural effusion).
The distribution of the alveolar edema can be influenced by:
Gravity: supine or erect position and right or left decubitus position
Obstructive lung disease, i.e. fluid leakage into the less severe diseased areas of the lung
On the left a patient who was admitted with severe dyspnoe due to acute heart failure.
The following signs indicate heart failure: alveolar edema with perihilar consolidations and air bronchograms (yellow arrows); pleural fluid (blue arrow); prominent azygos vein and increased width of the vascular pedicle (red arrow) and an enlarged cardiac silhouette (arrow heads).
After treatment we can still see an enlarged cardiac silhouette, pleural fluid and redistribution of the pulmonary blood flow, but the edema has resolved. #Clinical #Radiology #CXR #CHF #Alveolar #Pulmonary #Edema #AlveolarEdema #RadiologyAssistant
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