Great Mimickers - SHALLOTS Mnemonic

S- Syphilis ...

Great Mimickers - SHALLOTS Mnemonic

S- Syphilis - Neurosyphilis, aortitis, gummas... Granulomas can form anywhere! Skin, mucosa, joints, bones, lungs, testes, etc. 

H _ HIV - Hepatitis, dermatitis, dementia, anemia, thrombocytopenia, lymphoma Kaposi sarcoma What doesn't HIV cause?

A - Amyloid - Amyloid deposits everywhere so it can manifest as anything

L - Lupus - Fevers, rashes, edema, dyspnea, ulcers, arthritis, alopecia, Raynaud, pericarditis, pleuritis, drug-induced Head is spinning? Could be lupus in the ear or brain.

L - Lymphoma - Fevers, weight loss, splenomegaly, cytopenias, nausea, vomiting, headaches, seizures, hypercalcemia„. firm lymph nodes anywhere and everywhere

T - Tuberculosis - Not just consumption- number one cause of adrenalitis worldwide - granulomas anpvhere. Search lorganl tuberculosis and always have it in the back of your mind

S - Sarcoidosis - Not just a cough, and also rashes, arthritis, hepatomegaly, myositis, xerostomia, hypopituitarism, splenomegaly, fatigue, and oh yeah all that lymphadenopathy

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