Major Physiological Effects of Angiotensin II

Altered ...

Major Physiological Effects of Angiotensin II

Altered Peripheral Resistance

I. Direct vasoconstriction

II. Enhancement of peripheral noradrenergic


  A. Increased NE release

  B. Decreased NE reuptake

  C. Increased vascular

Ill. Increased sympathetic discharge (CNS)

IV. Release of catecholamines from adrenal medulla

Altered Renal Function

l. Direct effect to increase Na+ reabsorption in proximal tubule

II. Release of aldosterone from adrenal cortex (increased Na+ reabsorption and increased excretion in distal nephron)

Ill. Altered renal hemodynamics:

  A. Direct renal vasoconstriction

  B. Enhanced noradrenergic neurotransmission in kidney

  C. Increased renal sympathetic (CNS)

Altered Cardiovascular Structure

I. Nonhemodynamically mediated effects:

  A. Increased expression of proto-oncogenes

  B. Increased production of growth factors

  C. Increased synthesis of extracellular matrix proteins

III. Hemodynamically mediated

  A. Increased afterload (cardiac)

  B. Increased wall tension (vascular)

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