Traumatic Red Eye - Differential Diagnosis Algorithm
Surface ...

Traumatic Red Eye - Differential Diagnosis Algorithm

Surface Injury:

 • Corneal Abrasion

 • Ultraviolet Keratitis

 • Chemical (Acid, alkali)

Blunt Trauma - Hyphema, diplopia, periorbital, ecchymosis, subcutaneous emphysema of lid:

 • Orbital Rim/Mid-facial Fracture

 • Orbital Floor Fracture

 • Orbital Apex Injury / Retrobulbar Fracture

Globe Penetrating Injury - Hyphema, history of trauma / high velocity impact, reduced visual acuity

Associated Injury:

 • Lids: Swelling, Laceration

 • Conjunctiva: Subconjunctival hemorrhage

 • Cornea: Abrasion

 • Iris: Laceration, iritis, iridodialysis

 • Pupil: Traumatic mydriasis

 • Lens: Cataract, dislocation

 • Vitreous hemorrhage

 • Retina: Tear, hemorrhage, choroidal rupture

 • Glaucoma

 • Optic Neuropathy

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