Differential Diagnosis for Hemolytic Anemia
Intrinsic ...

Differential Diagnosis for Hemolytic Anemia

Intrinsic Causes:

 • Enzyme deficiencies ex. G6PD, pyruvate kinase 

 • Hemoglobinopathies ex. SCD, thalassemias 

 • Membrane defects ex. Hereditary spherocytosis / elliptocytosis

Extrinsic Causes:

 • Liver disease

 • Hypersplenism

 • AIHA: warm, cold, drug induced

 • Infections ex. Bartonella, Babesia, Malaria

 • Oxygen agents ex. dapsone, nitrates

 • Other agents ex. lead, copper, spider/snake bites

 • IVIG infusion

Intravascular Causes:

 • MAHA: TTP, HUS, DIC, HELLP, AS, prosthetic valve

 • Transfusion reactions ex. ABO incompatibility

 • Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria

 • S/p IV infusion of Rhogam

 • S/p IV infusion of hypotonic solutions

Dr. Uday Gulati @udaygulati

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