Causes of Tremors - Movement Disorders - Differential ...

Causes of Tremors - Movement Disorders - Differential Diagnosis Algorithm

Action Tremor - Occurs During Voluntary Muscle Movement

 • Cerebellar Disease (e.g. spinocerebellar ataxia, Vitamin E deficiency, stroke, multiple sclerosis)

Resting Tremor - Occurs at Rest

 • Parkinson's Disease

 • Midbrain Tremor

 • Wilson's Disease

 • Progressive supranuclear palsy

 • Multiple System Atrophy

 • Drug-induced Parkinsonism

Postural Tremor - Occurs While Held Motionless Against Gravity

  • Enhanced Physiologic Change

  • Essential tremor

  • Dystonia

  • Metabolic Etiology (Thyroid, Liver, Kidney)

  • Drugs (Lithium, Amiodarone, Valproate) 

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