Causes of Pelvic Organ Prolapse - Differential Diagnosis ...

Causes of Pelvic Organ Prolapse - Differential Diagnosis Algorithm

Herniation of one or more pelvic organs

Risk factors: genetics, multiparity, operative vaginal delivery, obesity, increasing age, estrogen deficiency, pelvic floor neurogenic damage (i.e. surgical), strenuous activity (i.e. weight bearing)

Uterus - Sensation of object "falling out of vagina," possible lower back pain:

 • Uterine prolapse

 • Cervical prolapse

Vaginal Apex - Pelvic pressure, urinary retention, stress incontinence:

 • Vaginal vault prolapse

Bladder - Slow urinary stream, stress incontinence, bladder neck hypermobility:

 • Cystocele (anterior prolapse)

 • Cystourethrocele

Bowel/Rectum - Defecatory symptoms:

 • Enterocele

 • Rectocele (posterior prolapse)

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