Dystocia Maneuvers
1. McRoberts: hyperflexion/adduction ...

Dystocia Maneuvers

1. McRoberts: hyperflexion/adduction of both hips (knees against lateral abdomen) - requires an assistant at each leg + Apply 30 seconds suprapubic (not fundal - location is significantly inferior to fundus) pressure directed posteriorly and then laterally (not inferiorly)

McRoberts + Suprapubic pressure resolves 90% of dystocia

Gentle posterior-directed (downward) traction on head, never pull

2. Corkscrew: insert hand along baby's back, rotate anterior shoulder toward baby's face, lateral to pubic symphysis, reinsert hand along baby's back to rotate posterior shoulder in opposite direction, away from baby's face, then reattempt delivery (gentle downward guidance on head as mom pushes)

3. Place mom in all-fours position, then gentle downward traction on head (baby's head guided toward stretcher) (Gaskin maneuver)

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