Emergency Breech Baby Delivery 
OB able to take patient ...

Emergency Breech Baby Delivery 

OB able to take patient to the OR?  yes -> C-section in the OR


 • Encourage mom to push with contractions until axilla/nipple appears

 • Never pull baby

 • Support baby's buttocks/emerging body until axilla/nipple appears

 • Once legs/hips are out, place a towel over them for warmth and better traction, and put mom into McRoberts position

 • Using two fingers in birth canal, push both arms medially toward baby's midline to deliver arms (goal is to prevent arms from being raised above head)

 • Assistant applies maternal suprapubic pressure to encourage delivery of head

 • Continued encouragement of mom to push with contractions, deliver head


 • Is presentation truly hand/arm? More common is hand pressed against face - this will self-resolve and lead to normal vertex delivery

 • If hand/arm is truly prolapsed beyond head, baby is horizontal/transverse lie in canal and cannot be vaginally delivered, C section required


 • High risk for umbilical cord prolapse/compression. C section is mandatory if baby is still viable

 • Viability can be established by palpating pulsatile umbilical cord, or by checking sonographic fetal heart rate

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