Common Fungal Pathology 
 • Candida - Small yeast ...

Common Fungal Pathology 

 • Candida - Small yeast intermingled with pseudohyphae

 • Aspergillosis - Septate hyphae, forms conidial heads

 • Mucorales - Ribbon-like hyphae with right angle branching, rare septations

 • Sporotrichosis - Asteroid bodies (star-like) eosinophilic material surrounding yeasts

 • Histoplasmosis - Small yeast with narrow based budding. Can be grouped within macrophages

 • Coccidioidomycosis - Spherules with multiple endospores

 • Blastomycosis - Round, double refractile wall, single broad based bud

 • Cryptococcus neoformans - Narrow- budding yeast with mucicarmine positive capsules

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