Aortic Dissection - Diagnosis and Management Summary

Aortic Dissection - Diagnosis and Management Summary

 • HPI: sudden onset, "tearing" chest pain, radiation to back, may have concurrent stroke-like symptoms

 • Risk Factors: Male, yo, HTN, cocaine, tobacco use, connective tissue disorder syphilis, FHx

 • Imaging: CTA Dissection protocol

 • Classification:

    - Type A (includes ascending aorta)

    - Type B (distal to subclavian artery)


 • Type A = emergent surgical intervention

 • Type B = medical management

     - Goal HR < 60 bpm (esmolol, metoprolol, labetalol)

     - goal SBP 90-100 (nitroprusside, nicardipine)

     - reversal of anticoagulation

- MH/CCF/CWRU EM Res @MetroHealth_EM

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