Migraine Prevention and Prophylaxis
Who to Consider: ...

Migraine Prevention and Prophylaxis

Who to Consider: 

 • ≥ 4 significant headaches or migraine attacks/month

 • ≥ 8 headache days/month

 • Medication-overuse headaches

 • Contraindications to acute migraine treatments

 • Severe/DisabIing symptoms

 • Significant impact on QOL

Preventative Medications:

 • Metoprolol 50 mg PO bid 

 • Amitriptyline 10 mg PO hs

 • Topiramate 25 mg PO hs

Preventative Nutraceuticals:

 • Magnesium (citrate or glycinate) 200mg BID

 • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 200mg BID

 • Coenzyme Q 10 150mg BID

 • Melatonin 3-5mg qhs

By Dr. Maeghan Fu & Dr. Miguel Cortel-LeBlanc

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