Esophageal Crohn's Disease Management Algorithm

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Esophageal Crohn's Disease Management Algorithm

Assess for Active Symptoms and for Stricturing/Fistulizing Disease
Stricturing DX:
 • Bx r/o Malignancy
 • If Non-Traversable -> Esophagram & Imaging
 • Tx Inflammatory Comp.
 • Serial Dilation/ Self-dilation
 • Injection Steroids? , IFX, Mitomycin C
 • Refractory Fibrostenotic
     - Stricturotomy
     - SEMS
 • PEG w/ EN; r/o Gastroduodenal Crohn's
 • Esophagectomy
Fistulizing DX:
 • Chest Imaging
 • If Broncho/Pleural or Mediastinal Fistula: Consult CTS, Pulm., Adv. Endo
 • Anti-TNF +/- IMM
 • Consider PEG & EEN
 • EGD w/ Fibrin Injection
 • EGD +/- Bronchoscopy w/ SEMS
 • Esophagectomy

Algorithm by Dr. Waseem Ahmed @Waseem_AhmedMD

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Dr. Gerald Diaz
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