Orthopedic Splints, Casts, Plasters, Traction and Frames
Upper ...

Orthopedic Splints, Casts, Plasters, Traction and Frames

Upper Limb and Spine 

 • DUNLOP TRACTION: Used in transcondylar or supracondylar fracture of the humerus in children

 • HEAD HALTER TRACTION: Used in cervical spine injury

 • CRUSH FIELD TRACTION: Used in cervical spine injury

 • HALO-PELVIS TRACTION: Used in scoliosis

 • SCAPHOID CAST: Applied from below elbow proximal to knuckle distally and incorporating proximal phalanx of thumb. The wrist is held in dorsiflexion (glass holding position)

 • BROAD ARMSLING AND FIGURE ‘8’ STRAPPING: Used in undisplaced and displaced clavicle fracture respectively.

Lower Limb and Pelvis:

 • WELL LEG TRACTION: Used in correction of abduction deformity of hip. Traction is applied to the normal limb while deformed hip is stabilized by splint

 • 90-90 TRACTION: Used in subtrochanteric fracture, compound fracture of femur with posterior wound and shaft femur of children 

 • PERKINS TRACTION: Used in femur shaft fracture in adult 

 • CALCANEAL TRACTION: Used in open fracture of ankle joint/leg

 • BUCK’S TRACTION: Apply skin traction in femur shaft fracture, NOF fracture, acetabulum fracture after reduction of hip dislocation, to correct minor deformity of hip and knee

 • BÖHLER BRAUN FRAME: Apparatus used for application of skeletal traction of lower limb. It may be used with transcondylar, tibial or calcaneal pins

 • HAMILTON-RUSSELL TRACTION: Used in femur shaft fracture in adult, trochanteric fracture

 • GALLOW’S/BRYANT’S TRACTION: Used in femur shaft fracture in children <2 yrs

 • THOMAS SPLINT: (with and without sling) Temporary stabilisation of femoral shaft fracture

90-90 HIP SPIKA: Spika at 90º flexion at hip because in children proximal fragment flexes to 90º due to stronger pull by flexor muscle and ill-development of lumbar lordosis

 • HAMMOCK TRACTION: Used in pelvis fracture with rotational instability e.g. open book, Malgaigne fracture (both pubic rami+ posterior SI complex/sacrum fracture), and bucket handle injury

 • PELVIC BINDER: Used acutely in management of exsanguinating pelvic trauma, by applying large amount of compressive force to the pelvic ring to reduce the volume of the pelvis


 • BALKAN FRAME: A frame employed in the treatment of fractured bones of extremities that provides overhead weights and pulleys for suspension, traction, and continuous extension of the splinted fracture limb.

 • ROBERT JONES DRESSING: A tape stirrup is applied to the foot before the bandage is started. Cotton roll is wrapped around a forelimb after the application of the tape stirrup. Elastic gauze is then applied firmly bind the cotton to the leg. Elastic tape is then use to complete the dressing.

 • POP CAST & SLAB: Active ingredient of Plaster of Paris is Gypsum CaSO4-2H2O. Slab only covers a part of circumferential of a limb whereas a cast covers whole of the limb circumference.

 • MILWAUKEE BRACE: For dorsal scoliosis

 • BOSTON BRACE: For lumbar scoliosis

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