Hyperkalemia - Management Algorithm
 • IV calcium

Hyperkalemia - Management Algorithm

 • IV calcium

 • IV insulin and glucose and/or salbutamolt

 • Consider bicarbonate if acidosis without volume overloads

 • Consider IV furosemide unless anuric ESKD or severe volume depletion

 • Consider K+ binder

 • Consider Dialysis

Serum potassium and ECG changes

 • 5.5-6.5 mmol/l - Tall, "peaked" T waves with narrow base, best seen in precordial leads

 • 6.6-8.0 mmol/l - Peaked T waves, Prolonged PR interval, Decrease amplitude of P waves, Widening of QRS complex

 • >8.0 mmol/l - Absence of T wave, Intraventricular blocks, fascicular blocks. bundle branch blocks, QRS axis shift, Progressive widening of QRS resulting in bizarre morphology, "Sine wave" pattems (sinoventricular rhythm), VF, asystole

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